Jagged Alliance Is Back In Action

Fans of the older Fallout games and such strategy, isometric wonders of days past should pique interests right about now. Kalypso  Media has announced to be bringing back one of the popular series of yore with a new title, called Jagged Alliance: Back In Action. In collaboration with bitComposer Games, they will distribute the game worldwide.

NoobFeed News - Jagged Alliance Back In Action
Jagged Alliance is looking a lot less jagged without the pixels.

The old strategy powerhouse is getting completely revamped to allow for a completely renewed mercenary-themed experience; complete with updated graphics.  They also released the first screens to sweeten the deal a little. Wolfgang Duhr, Managing Director of bitComposer Games said: “We are very confident we can fulfill the high expectations associated with the revival of the Jagged Alliance brand.” Simon Hellwig, Global Managing Director for the Kalypso Media Group further stated: “More than a decade after the release of the successful second title in the series, the Jagged Alliance brand commands a high level of respect.”

And right they are. Release is said to come late this year; meanwhile you can revisit the classics on GOG.com.

Jagged Alliance Back In ActionJagged Alliance Back In ActionJagged Alliance Back In Action


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