NoobFeed SNK Contest Thing

So, as I wait for Darkspore to complete my download so my grandchildren will be able to play it, I figured I’d best use the time to try and come up with this whole contest deal we’ve been teasing.

So, let’s see here. Ok, here’s what we’ll do:

If you want to get a chance at winning a PSP code for the Neo Geo Station – SNK Special you’ll need to follow some stuff we’re into.
Since my Twitter count is low and I rarely get a “hello” on there, we’ll force you to tag along. From now until March 1, we’ll try and get 100 people following me there.
If you want to win, just follow @Daavpuke and then Retweet this message: “@NoobFeed is awesome! They’re giving away PSP codes! I’m participating to get me some free stuff. Follow these guys!” – Note that if you don’t retweet from my message, chances are slim I’ll notice. No, that’s not my fault.

Sorry, I just love this ad so much.

All the nice people already following me don’t need to worry. Just retweet the message and we’re cool. I’ll randomly select some winners, but you can always try to entice me. I’ll accept just about anything, except nudes from your grandmother. Although I would accept the fascinating story as to how you acquired them.

For those of you that are not upon the Tweet-train, please suggest something, as I’m well aware that not everyone wants to join the bog of narcissism and unclear messages.

Additionally, if you haven’t registered an account on,we suggest that you do, since that’s the whole point of wanting free stuff from a site you frequent.

Just a few things to cover me:
– In no way am I bonded to this agreement and I may choose to quit at any time. Just in case I run into some snags; though I sincerely hope not.
– Contest will end March 1, upon which time if requirements are not met, no one wins. That should spur you to get your friends on board. The more you retweet, the more it helps. Just don’t do it 3523632 times; that’s annoying as hell.
– Contestants will get their choice of 1 of the 10 games now available for Neo Geo Station. You’ll get contacted through DM for your NoobFeed account, after which it’s first come, first serve.
– I may alter/add some things as the contest progresses and feedback comes in.


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