Incredeal! Psychonauts $2.49 Today Only!

Heads up, soldier! Today and today only, you get the chance to embark on one of the best and craziest platformers of all time. is currently holding a one day deal for critically acclaimed Psychonauts, available right here for only $2.49!

NoobFeed News - Incredeal! Psychonauts $2.49 Today Only!
Only 12 more hours until this baby goes back to its rightful price of $9.99. Snag it now!

If you don’t own this masterpiece yet and you haven’t clicked the link by now, you are wasting valuable time. The action is only running until 10AM Eastern, which is about 12 hours from writing. As this game ironically is the only game yours truly owns on so far, you can get an idea of how completely awesome it is. Never have you seen such a mind-boggling platformer.

Psychonauts is the first release from Double Fine, which also brought you Brütal Legend and Stacking. They are currently working on a strange Sesame Street title for Kinect.

Still reading? Go, go, go!

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.


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