Tekken 3D Prime Edition Hands On

“Everything can be a double-edged sword; it’s a bit of a troubled expression. But on that notion, Tekken 3D Prime Edition is some of the most double-edged things around. It can even cut through metal on both sides! In all seriousness, in our time with the 3D handheld, we’ve uncovered many good qualities that could equally be skewed as lacking. Its biggest problem might be getting compared to Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and just sometimes, this might be a valid comparison.

Tekken 3D is a strange creature. First off, it seems to lack a traditional Story mode. This tale is sprinkled across the main Survival challenge, but it isn’t really character based. On the other hand, the cartridge offers the movie “Tekken: Blood Vengeance,” which is where it might spill all the background info. But do players really want this sterile segregation between action and story progression gained from advancement?

Luckily, the presentation is otherwise stunning in this fighting game running at 60fps. The impressive roster of 40 or so characters all perform moves in swift and fluid animations, even if the 3D aspect is very fragile and ends up breaking the view more than it enhances it. There’s always an option to shut it off; we advise doing so and enjoying the clean, flashy visuals from extravagant characters like Yoshimitsu or Bruce Irvin. All models and backgrounds pop in bright color and the camera adequately follows the action where needed. The only minor point is that prone position is still clunky, but that has always been the case in this series. It’s about keeping the action going and stringing together as much as possible and Tekken 3D makes excellent use of this.”

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