The Last Story (Wii) Hands On

“The Last Story on Wii has been out in Japan for a while now, but it might be a little hard to understand for some, which is why Nintendo is localizing it to Europe this month, February 24, 2012 to be exact. We got some spin time with the game and first impressions were fairly positive. It has that high Final Fantasy vibe, but more action oriented in combat and yet some individual twists here and there. The RPG also boasts a strong, personal presentation with slightly muted, yet defined color schemes and fantastic environments that embellish the Wii’s restrictions with bloom effects or slight blurring. This dark atmospheric tone is somewhat resembling of another Square title, Vagrant Story, but let’s keep name dropping to a minimum.

The last story follows a bunch of mercenaries, with hero Zael at the helm, in the fit-name-here land of Lazulis Island. It’s as simple as that really, but before long, stuff will hit the fan mercenary and the team will start wondering what’s going on in their surroundings. Especially after Zael uncovers a strange new power in a flashback, the team will start broadening their perspective and start looking into more than just getting paid. Bringing this to life is a capable voice cast of broad English accents, rather than a stereotype dialect used in most games. It gives charm and individuality to each character and gets strengthened by relatable dialogue, rather than ham-fisted fantasy squabble.

The first few chapters guide the player through some linear corridors to explain some basic concepts and that works just fine. Though the game needs to open up more later on and make use of the sense of grandeur it reveals in aspects like its pristine cutscenes. Some of its unique elements might suggest as much.”

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