Dollar Dash Dishes Out Gameplay Modes

Party game Dollar Dash is mere days away from launching and Kalypso Media has released another trailer to show off its gameplay. The game coming on March 6, 2013 for Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 takes a look at the available game modes in this clip.

In Dollar Dash mode, the goal is simply to fill up an area with cash carried from other parts of the stage. This currency slows players down. It’s similar to Hoard, a game also built around loot with some clever multiplayer action. In Hit ‘n’ Run mode, players try to knock each other out like in a traditional deathmatch. Finally, Save the Safe mode has thieves lug a big vault around and amass points the longer they control it.

Dollar Dash will release for a price of $9.99. Kalypso has recently blessed gamers with a ton more trailers, involving the game’s maps, customization and so on. We’ll put these below.


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