Weekend PC Deals: 6 Games For A Buck Or A Free Game

The weekend is almost over, but in case any of you wanted to start off the week fresh, there are some indie deals you can pick up if you’re quick about it. Nothing says great gaming week like a fresh batch of PC games to tide you over for hundreds of hours.


First off, the website over at Groupees still has 20 hours left on a small flash sale, with as many as 6 games for a buck. Yes, that’s right. Not just any games either, but the strategic Commandos series, along with Broken Sword II and Imperial Glory. For just a $4 minimum, you can add Commandos 3, Praetorians and the iconic first Broken Sword to that tally. That deal is just too ridiculous to be passed up. Please, also tick the charity box together with your purchase. You can buy the latest Groupees bundle here.

Speaking of flash deals, the Indie Gala Flash bundle is also on its last legs and has added 3 games to its tally. Among these is the entertaining Zombie Pirates game. This addition also brings the total to 9 games for anyone that beats the $4.93 minimum. You can view all other offers and purchase this Indie Gala bundle here.

indie royale

That other periodic site, Indie Royale, also has its Debut Bundle up and running. For a minimum of €3,25, at the time of writing, you can get your hands on the following titles:

  • Cognition: Erica Reed Thriller
  • McDroid
  • Master of Alchemy – Rise of the Mechanologists
  • CloudPhobia
  • Wimp: Who Stole My Pants
  • 6180 the Moon

Every purchase also comes with some music. You can buy the Debut Bundle here.


Finally, perhaps the oddest deal you can scoop up is a 100% discount for an early access build of Rawbots. It takes the sandbox ambition of games like Spore and transfers it to robots, which can yield a versatile difference in gameplay. After putting the game in your cart and applying the coupon “SIMCITY” in the designated  area, a normal $29.99 price tag will vanish. From there, simply follow the instructions mailed to you and make sure to keep the license key ready. You can find Rawbots here.

Let us know if you pick anything up.


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