PETA And Cruelty In Games

As is noticeable from links and such around this site, I often write for several publications that allow me to vomit up my words freely. Sometimes, I choose not to embarrass them with that and take the tirade of the internet solely upon myself for my humanitarian views. Other times, however, more socially acceptable thoughts are posted elsewhere, such as an article about the animal right group PETA and their recent outbursts against the gaming world. Triggered by their latest action against Starcraft’s treatment of the Zerg race, I wrote some words, which I’ll leave an excerpt of below:

It’s safe to say that at this point, PETA is running with being the bad guy by default and instead offers satirical parodies to create awareness for their cause. It’s like mock news network The Onion, but for the benefit of animals. No one is going to give them serious credibility for a promotion around a fictional race, which resembles a parasitic life form more than anything else. The Zerg are created to destroy all in service of the hive; that’s like giving a deadly disease a free pass for the sole reason of sentience. Even bleeding hearts need to make a divide at some point.

Still, PETA’s actions often remind me, as an animal rights supporter, of my behavior in games. Their ludicrous Mario protest happened at the same time as the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where the first thing I did when I entered the world was to kill 2 snow foxes and a passerby. This got me thinking why my subconscious instinct would immediately be to kill, not only wild creatures simply because they’re available, but also the first person I meet. I didn’t even check if they were friendly; I went right up and murdered them. They could’ve been a friendly travelling merchant, to whom I could sell my freshly torn fox pelt, but now they’re dead. If anything, my go-to reaction in games would resemble that of a sociopath in real life, while in the actual world I don’t even kill spiders, because I respect their existence.

You can read the full article here.


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