Cut from the Team: Forgotten Namco Videos This Week

Continuing the series of lost videos brought to the forefront, we now go to one specific publisher. Periodically, companies will unleash all their assets at once and when that happens, it can happen that some games go by unnoticed. So, this time we’ll be looking at Namco Bandai and their effort to push their games this week. We’ll start with one of their more known upcoming titles: Star Trek.

This game based around the remake of recent times will feature a ton of Gorn baddies. The developer took the liberty of largely expanding this race of lizards into many different classes. They even added some females in there.

In a totally different spectrum of fan popularity, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 shows its playable characters and gameplay elements. Once more, fans will be able to take on hordes of enemies with Luffy, Brook and other notable characters, including sexualized imagery. I mean, we didn’t remember Usopp being so damn buff. Perhaps we need to catch up on the series.

Finally, keeping things in the oriental section of games, Tales of Xillia has 2 different gameplay clips of its real-time combat. Both Jude and Milla strut their stuff in these battle maps where combos fly and small anime panels encourage the player with English audio. We love the “Tales of” series, we hope you do too.


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