Cut from the Team: Forgotten Small Games This Week

Dragon's Prophet

As our first part explains, these articles will serve to shed some light on the smaller individuals that weren’t as recognized in the gaming world this week. Many launch their promotion at the same time and that means that sometimes a few clips get lost in the bunch. After some larger titles, we’ll now sit back at all the small fries that tried to punch a hole in this week’s gaming market. We’ll start with free-to-play MMO first person shooter Soldier Front 2 that tried to entice us with a cinematic trailer.

In the clip, we follow a warzone in first person, as the protagonist is immersed in a sea of bullets and lights. Unfortunately, the real deal is more limited than this gloriously shot trailer, but we’re not one to look a free horse in the mouth. You can find Soldier Front 2 on the portal of Aeria Games.

We’ll stay with shooters for a bit, as Guncraft shows us a new gameplay trailer for its mixture of first person action paired with blocky traits from Minecraft. It’s been done before, with Ace of Spades, but that game wasn’t up to snuff, so we’re hoping Guncraft will bring more action. It’s currently in Beta.

Staying with the MMO model, online RPG Dragon’s Prophet detailed its Founders Pack in its latest clip. Buying into the game allows players to get access to the Beta, get a dragon as a mount, unlock an exclusive armor set, furniture and so on.

Finally, platform title Alien Spidy has launched and shows this with a trailer of epic proportions. Follow our little spider as it crashes on a strange planet and it tries to hop its way out. Ample gameplay mechanisms are explained within.


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