Fewer Boobs, More Gameplay For Resident Evil’s Rachel

Capcom released more footage for the prominently displayed Rachel character. Unfortunately for some, there will be fewer boobs, as the game is still played over the shoulder. If that should deter you from watching what’s ahead: She does rotate her front to the camera periodically to kick, for reasons.

Her character also arrives in a ditzy fashion, by proclaiming: “Rachel is on the scene!” It reminds us a bit of Lollipop Chainsaw, but in a good way. Survival horror doesn’t inherently need to be all serious all of the time. Purists can still enjoy some strange abominations trying to eat her alive. One is even a torso with cleavage and monstrous appendages; again, for reasons.

Rachel back kick Resident Evil Revelations

The frame per frame build shows exactly where the camera snaps its angle. Yes, there…


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