Battle Worlds: Kronos Explodes Kickstarter

German developer KING Art Games has funded its strategy project called Battle Worlds: Kronos in the beginning days of its Kickstarter campaign. Their turn-based venture received in excess of $120,000 already and will therefore set a date for the end of the year.


Their idea for the game is to bring back classic strategy titles, the likes of Advance Wars and such. Previously focused on adventure games, the developer points out that is has brought interest back, where publishers had lost faith in some time ago. Their previous works include The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Critter Chronicles. A new teaser trailer was released to commemorate the milestone.

You can still contribute to Battle Worlds: Kronos on the Kickstarter page.


2 thoughts on “Battle Worlds: Kronos Explodes Kickstarter

    • Of course, that’s from Daedalic, why did I confuse those two? The German thing? Well, my face is red. Thanks for pointing that out (and catching this in the first place). I need more coffee.

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