Cut from the Team: Lost Launch Trailers This Game Week

With another week behind us, we’ve gathered up quite a few more clips that got lost. Since there were also a ton of releases or impending launches at our hand, some of these promotions have sailed us past. Frankly, by the time launch trailers come out, we’re either already on the money train to get the game in question or it has even already released and we’re knee-deep in it.

The latter sentiment can be said for Bioshock Infinite. That doesn’t stop the trailer from being a pure onslaught of hype however. With claims like “the winner of 85 awards,” for a game that just hit the market, it doesn’t come more boastful than that. They probably mean preview elements like “Best of Show” and such. They don’t exactly specify. It doesn’t matter either; most of you are probably already on your third playthrough of the damn thing.

Things are a little less intense for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Just sniff the green and make some shots. Tiger even gets to play front and center again, which means everyone has stopped caring about his personal misdeeds. Repentance is a beautiful thing.

Taking things to another dimension, the 2D Minecraft game called Terraria has launched for consoles. It’s also the game this editor is currently reviewing and I must say that my game doesn’t look nearly as epic as that trailer. In reality, all I’ve done is that spinning thing for 3 hours. I’m still waiting on the unicorns, giant skeletons, epic armors and so forth.

Magicka takes its own formula into the 2D world as well with Wizards of the Square Tablet. It essentially has the same quirky, friendly fire element, but with cartoon visuals and a side-scrolling view. Also, it’s only for tablets; that might be a thing.

Finally, Guacamelee shoots its load early, as the colorful Playstation title only arrives in two weeks. Still, we get to see a self-proclaimed “metroidvania brawler” fill the screen with some visually stunning gameplay. It’s quite the saucy indie title.


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