Cut from the Team: Lost Punch ‘n’ Shoot Videos This Game Week

It’s April Fools and the media is gobbling up fake announcements. It’s sad that some of these games are not meant to be, because who wouldn’t want to see a side-scrolling Neo Geo X version of Endless Space? Instead of looking back on that, we’ll take a look at a final batch of clips that didn’t get their dues this week.

After a year of delays, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is out and it’s surprisingly disappointing from our reviewing time so far. That’s why it deserves downloadable content; to boost the experience of sorts. With Siberian Strike, the shooter goes into colder lands for its violence. It will be a cold day in hell.

Another shooter that released recently is Warface and its trailer is a lot more cinematic. If you enjoy tanks, choppers and most of all, a shooter made by the creators of Crysis, then peel your eyes on this one. It recounts that for every matter there is an equal result for that body. It’s pretty existential.

A different or more quirky shooting experience can be found with Star Trek, where a video shows William Shatner sitting down with the Gorn for some gameplay. It’s about as strange as it sounds.

Finally, once a week, we get to see more Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay. This time, a snarky Black Adam crushes the Green Arrow whilst the scenery once more suffers.


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