Massive Zavvi Game Sale Has Cheap Mass Effect 3, GoW: Ascension, GoW: Judgment, Tomb Raider and more

Those that follow my personal work, both of you, will know I often try to report on some money-saving game deals. This one will make quite a few retail purchasers happy, as website is currently having a sale with hundreds of boxed items, shipped worldwide. A special note to my Belgian peers: For inexplicable yet heart-warming reasons, the UK site delivers free to the UK and Belgium. We’ll list some deals below, but you can find the full list right here.

Use of this coupon will give you an additional 10% discount: GSALE10

Zavvi super game sale

All links above will guide you to the respective sale. Aside from that, there are some lower discounts on new releases, which will yield games like Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War: Judgment or God of War: Ascension or more from 10% off to around a 40% discount. We therefore highly advise sleuthing for some prime deals.

Since we know many of you just skim the article and don’t actually read it, we’ll place the full list here again. Find the full list of Zavvi sales here.

Edit: A ton of you are viewing this, so if you decide to pick up a few deals, then leave a comment here. We’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Massive Zavvi Game Sale Has Cheap Mass Effect 3, GoW: Ascension, GoW: Judgment, Tomb Raider and more

  1. Thanks for sharing this sale. I would have gotten Ascension, but unfortunately I’m in the US. Shipping fees are often a beech across waters.

    • Maybe this would change your mind. Delivery rates to American regions are a buck fifty only:

      That would still bring God of War at somewhere around $45, delivered to your doorstep, if I’m not mistaken. In any case, the shipping rates are surprisingly friendly worldwide, so I wouldn’t let that deter me personally from doing it, though I understand skepticism isn’t the same for everyone.

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