Top 5 Explosive Running Games

In the 80s and 90s, some of the most action packed titles featured side-scrolling to one side and shooting a bunch of stuff with numerous explosions that followed. Seemingly non-explosive materials would even burst into flames when enough gunfire was applied. Games like the Contra series or Mega Man franchise all relied on jumping and shooting, until the deed was done and a plethora of titles used this trope for a while. Even the Duke Nukem series used that system in the beginning.  Since then, mobile devices have taken over this trait to produce their own brand of running games. Here is a mix of the wildest, most explosive titles of that genre.


In this mobile title, players try and collect coins in an endless maze of obstacles, enemies and natural hazards. To help them out, they have a trusty set of guns to shoot the oncoming scum. It offers 5 different characters that each can run, jump and slide while they make barrels explode, destroy scenery and so on. It might have more firepower than actual explosions, but with the fast pace, clean visuals and tons of variation, it still packs a large punch into its gameplay. Hell, it’s even so pure to the theme that the actual title doesn’t need any additional inspiration.

Shoot Many Robots (mobile)

This mobile rendition of a classic run and gun game includes a lot more explosive action. As players automatically run forward, they’ll be able to blast a series of different contraptions while collecting coins. More so, the velocity takes place in multiple lanes and features several challenges to complete. It’s also possible to enhance characters by ranking up and purchase new weaponry for even more fireworks. Shotguns, rocket launchers  mini-guns; the sky is the limit here. If that’s not enough, this game also features hats. We all love hats.

Agent Dash

It’s often hard to separate the endless runners from each other. All of them include some sort of strip that jostles players along. Still, Agent Dash is one of the few that makes a name for itself with pulsing scenes at all times. As players leap and duck between lasers, pitfalls and corridors, there’s always some commotion. All around them, bombs are going off, buildings are crumbling or other nasty enemies pop up. As a true action hero, it’s possible to effortlessly dispatch all those problems while going ever further in this Michael Bay setting.

Jetpack Joyride

Why run when you can fly though? Better yet; a true hero puts on a jetpack for their momentum. This results in one of the sweetest, most thrilling side to side experiences imaginable. Players try and maneuver a set of totally ludicrous gadgets through perilous environments, with many more frivolities to be unlocked. Whether it’s a giant robot suit or a gun powered pack, these agents will wade through the carnage in style. Be mindful of the obstacles when collecting coins though; a simple touch can be enough to trigger a powerful detonation.

Metal Slug

This may not be a run and gun in the purest of sense, as players are free to turn back, but it is the most hectic of them all. In the land of explosive chaos, Metal Slug is king, with danger at every corner. Sweet pixel art rains down endless destruction onto the player with constant hail of bullets, rockets and more eccentric gunfire. It even features miniature tanks that bop around the Nazi infested lands. It’s a constant test of skill with action for every single breath of air this game possesses. No other game will quite ever be this exciting.

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More so, multiple numbers are available with anyone that can provide information about participants, events and so forth. Contact either 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3 or 1-800-494-TIPS. Google has set up a listing to find people, which you can access here. a list of running participants that crossed the line and registered can be found here. Donations of blood are always encouraged. All info on that can be found here. Try to phone ahead to see if they can accommodate a donation at this point, since they might be swamped with service. If so, feel free to just chip in a few bucks to the Red Cross or a similar organization; they can always use the help. Finally, you can also offer up your home to lost or trapped event goers by filling out this form.


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