Sony Applies 70+ Metacritic Rate For PS Plus But Includes Malicious Anyway

Sony announced that their Playstation Plus incentives for May will be filled with impressive titles. In total, subscribers will receive free access to 5 games; 3 on Playstation 3 and 2 on PS Vita. We’ll list the Playstation 3 games below:

  • Hitman Absolution
  • Catherine
  • Malicious

Biggest brand in this package certainly is Hitman Absolution, which released late last year to a mix of praise and criticism; though mostly for its strange marketing campaign. For the uninitiated: Hitman follows a professional assassin in a series of operations where a certain target needs to be killed, which includes a large amount of stealth and freedom. On the other hand, Catherine offers a riveting puzzle game with a strong narrative and an equal challenge. This game follows a man named Vincent in his love triangle with his girlfriend and mistress; with nightmarish results. Finally, Malicious is a cel-shaded action feature that pits players against ghosts, prophets and monsters of evil faith.


Handheld owners will receive access to two shooting titles: Sine Mora and Velocity Ultra HD. The first will be available on May 8, while the other will arrive on May 15.

Sony claims in their press release that titles are chosen from the top tier of critical acclaim, upholding a 70+ Metacritic score. Yet, Malicious currently stands at a score of 67. It seems futile to mention such a measuring unit if one of the titles already is slightly lenient on the matter. Scores aren’t necessarily indicative of quality anyway. Therefore, feel free to tell us if you liked Malicious and what exactly tickled your fancy.


2 thoughts on “Sony Applies 70+ Metacritic Rate For PS Plus But Includes Malicious Anyway

    • Free online is a given, in my opinion, but the PS Plus membership is definitely great for gamers that enjoy a diverse amount of titles. Always something different to play.

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