Launch Trailers For The Biggest Releases This Week

There are some big hitters on the release schedule this week. Three of the largest titles to launch this week have all shipped out their launch trailer, so we thought we’d oblige and hand them over to you, for your viewing pleasure.

Our first serving comes in the form of Star Trek, whose modern take follows J.J. Abrams’ patented “lights everywhere” style. If you don’t enjoy lens flare, you might want to skip this one, though if you don’t mind, then Namco Bandai has a new take on the genre, with tons more action.

If going back to a known universe is more your thing, then we have not one but two old-new titles. For instance, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen releases its original content once again with additional challenges beyond the first title’s end. This includes tons of extremely fierce monsters.

If you prefer a first person view, then Dead Island: Riptide also tacks on to its predecessor for similar gameplay. Craft a weapon, smash a weapon, kill a zombie, get killed by a zombie; all the action you enjoyed in Dead Island is still there.

Lest we forget: These aren’t the only titles coming out at all this week. In fact, PC gamers will be blessed with many great features. In no order of importance, we suggest giving Monaco, Don’t Starve and StarDrive a look.


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