Anomaly 2 Release Date, Extra Preorder Game And Purdy Trailer

A new trailer for Anomaly 2 details its story with some impressive cinematic imagery. It’s not bad for a sequel from the original Anomaly: Warzone Earth tower defense game that rose out of nowhere to critical acclaim.

It starts with a duo of scavengers who try their luck with a mysterious base. Unfortunately for them, this off-site location is also home to a military operation in progress. This lands the two on the wrong end of a giant, mechanic alien and an artillery deployment. Things become stranger still when the tank transforms into a mech and starts blasting arm cannons. This symbolizes one of the new game elements, where units can morph. Blending drawn backgrounds with finely polished visuals in this clip definitely pays off.

Speaking of payment, Anomaly 2 has started taking preorders that grants early buyers an extra copy to gift a friend, at a price of $14.99. Best not dawdle on the offer though, as Anomaly 2 will launch on May 15, 2013.


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