Neverwinter Launches Shiny Cinematic Trailer With Beta

After some years in production, MMO developer Cryptic Studios has launched Neverwinter into Open Beta. Roleplaying the next largest title for PC in the Dungeons & Dragons universe is available for anyone who registers an account. Mind you: We’ve been downloading the 3.5Gb file and there is some bottleneck issues at the moment, so expect to free up several hours for download. Here’s the site:

This announcement comes paired with an impressive opening cinematic with stellar visuals. Aside from heated action and the mandatory, flashy dragon, we do get to see some interesting suggestions. In particular, a half-fiend mage is one of the party’s members, which could allude to variant races being available. The same could be said for the teleporting rogue, which may either suggest side-classes or what we’d like to see: prestige classes. We’d be down for an assassin build. Finally, a paladin appears with a turn undead spell, though that isn’t that much out of the ordinary, is it? It is shiny though!


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