The Showndown Effect Adds Free Reddit DLC

Publisher Paradox Interactive has released a sizable content update for online action game The Showdown Effect for free. Swift PC owners can enjoy new maps, new characters and new costumes in this patch.

The Showdown Effect Reddit costume

In particular, the expansion adds the characters Thelma Vaine and Dr. Johnny Bionic. Thelma is a British spy who can use a cloaking device as her unique power, while Johnny is a cyborg built for human destruction. Maps called South Eastwood and Fort Fiesta will join the line-up as well, which range from themes of spaghetti Westerns to monster movies. Finally, Redditors will get a kick out of the free content update, as characters can now be outfitted with Reddit gear, such as a Snoo alien hat or an upvote shirt. Get that Karma!

Are you still playing the game? Let us know in the comments.


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