Cut From The Team: So Many Goddamn Trailers

Someone must’ve thought that this week would be an opportune time for all graphic designers to put out promotional trailers, because we’ve seen so much footage this week. We’re certain that if combined back to back, we would weep at the amount of time lost by seeing all these videos. So, since we can’t even make a distinction or classification for all material released this week, we’ll just dump whatever we can in a large list below. View at your own discretion; there’s some great stuff in there.

MotoGP 13 – Preorder DLC

Sanctum 2 – Tower defense launch

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batgirl DLC

Hellraid – Action RPG teaser

Guncraft – Build it, play it

Thunder Wolves – Arcade chopper launch

Marvel Heroes – Thor MMO gameplay

Resident Evil: Revelations – Remake Wii U features

Night of the Rabbit – First adventure trailer


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