Today On Reddit: Awesome Steam System Shock 2 Mods

Welcome to the first edition of our “Today on Reddit” section. As with our “Cut From the Team” segment that looks back at trailers you may have missed, we’re always looking for new ways to bring you recurring content for you to come back to periodically. These Reddit articles will point out lazy content publishing of news outlets that browse Reddit, like the rest of us, to post top posts for the drainage of hits that would otherwise stay on Reddit. We all go there, so why not let the content stay there, unless it’s something absolutely exceptional, such as for instance the Guild Wars 2 thread where ArenaNet themselves explained how it was treating banning processes. Not every top post needs to filter through to other outlets; that’s why Reddit exists and has specific subscriptions.

And before you ask: Yes, we’re completely aware we’re doing the same thing, but here there are absolutely 0 pretenses. There is a full disclosure from the start to what the aim of these low value items is and we’ll do our best to fix the following disclaimer to each post:



Today on Reddit, user darkdeus  showed off how great the addition of the classic System Shock 2 on Steam is, by providing some mod screenshots of the game. With a few dozen mods, this first person PC game can still measure up to modern titles and that for a game released in 1999.

We’ll post some of these pictures here, but you can dive into the r/gaming thread for all details. Additionally, some users were courteous enough to package all mods into some download packages. We’ll put these below



JMtwoqS shjkqgc VdPNLSX


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