Deadpool Never Shuts The Hell Up In Latest Gameplay Clip

Did you miss me and the daily stream of delicious content while I was at the hospital? No? Oh, I love you too, non-existent audience. We’ll keep things light with some awesome new gameplay footage from the most 4th wall-y character in comics: Deadpool.

His latest gameplay video shows more of what makes the red menace such a lovable bastard. If you’ve ever wanted to partake in gripping pizza eating action or masterful action hero cooking, then this is the game for you. Banter with narrators while surfing the net? Deadpool has that too. More importantly, he also never shuts up, ever. Luckily, there is also simple action gameplay tied to the game, with some pretty gruesome finishers as well. There might even be some stealth involved.

This title looks like what Bulletstorm would’ve been, if it had the legacy to pull of such crassness. Still, I do hope it has just a few less dildo jokes. That would be nice.


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