Marvel Heroes MMO Gets Chronicles of Doom Motion Comic Series

Marvel Heroes is promoting its MMO launch with a motion comic mini-series called the Chronicles of Doom, under direction of Brian Michael Bendis, known for his many works with Marvel. We did say yesterday that we’d have a good one. You can check the first episode below.

Logically, the series starts within the Fantastic Four universe, since that is the center of Victor Von Doom’s existence. He’s seen escaping the foursome, after which a wild pursuit occurs. Hopefully, the next episodes will move away from these characters and show some other franchises getting caught up in the mix. That said, feel free to comment on who you want Dr. Doom to encounter next.

Marvel certainly knows how to spark the fanboy in me. Despite not being into the often dry Fantastic Four series, Doctor Doom is my favorite Marvel character, even surpassing its many wonderful heroes, such as Spider-Man. His indestructible character together with the mix of intellect and sorcery combine just about any element a character can possess, while remaining steadily at the top as a fearsome opponent.

And yes, that's my face and a Dr. Doom figurine. I keeps it real.

And yes, that’s my face and a Dr. Doom figurine. I keeps it real.


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