Xbox One And PS4 Price Leaked? Nah, Just Chill

Xbox One PS4 price releaseLast night, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One as their new console in their own dedicated press event. I might personally still elaborate on that, but I had to think about it for a minute to let the dust settle, while we’re still kicking it left and right. I keep my quick-fire rants for Twitter, where all garbage goes. One thing I would’ve like to address though, as we’re overwhelmed by underwhelming quasi-facts left and right: Its price.

Mere hours after the reveal, online store Zavvi sent out mails with claims that an Xbone would cost £399/€499 for a preorder. The same goes for the PS4. Not five minutes later, we all went to tell anyone that the price leaked or was confirmed or whatever, when in actuality there is added print stating that it’s just a price point for now. Even when I posted such garbage on Twitter, I was greeted by not one but two reassuring Zavvi employees, to ensure me that this price is just an estimate. So, we can all calm down when it comes to rumors: It’s just an estimate.

If you have thoughts about the Xbox One overflowing in you, feel free to leave them here. Try to keep a positive attitude though. We’ve heard plenty of negativity already. There will still be plenty time for that later.

Oh, and that write up I was talking about? You can find a full recap here.

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