The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC dev diary

Telltale Explains The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC

Telltale Games released a video where they discuss the downloadable content (DLC) for The Walking Dead. This additional download called 400 Days will arrive in July and cost $4.99. Questions are fielded by AJ, who you may remember as the spot-on voice of Michael J. Fox in Telltale’s previous Back to the Future adventure game.…

Peter Moore Arcania lookalike

Every Character In ArcaniA Is EA’s Peter Moore

Some may remember that we often review games here and there on our affiliate sites. I did so recently for two pretty crappy games, namely Dead Island: Riptide and ArcaniA: The Complete Tale. There are reviews in those links, if you want them. When bad games happen, I’ve taken to customizing my experience by venting… summer sale 2013 Summer Sale Offers A Ton Of Crazy Deals Today

You may have heard that is holding a summer sale, constituting of a few hundred games at a reasonable discount. They’re making use of their #NoDRM campaign to remind people that your games don’t need to be locked onto anything in order to be enjoyed. Well, today is the longest day of the year…

Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number PC Mac Linux screenshots (6)

Hotline Miami 2 Screenshots Get The Wrong Number

Publisher Devolver Digital announced a sequel to the popular indie title Hotline Miami. This one is called Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Announced, which is a play on the design element in the original, where players get their missions from a phone. It will feature 12 chapters of pixelated gore and brutal murder, stacked one…