Today on Reddit: The Last Of Us Sell Date Broken In Canada

While most of the gaming community is frothing at the mouth, waiting for the release of The Last of Us on Playstation 3, some lucky Canadian has already gotten their mitts around a copy. Today on Reddit, user endlesstacos, whose username is awesome, has shown his spoils to r/gaming. We know he’s Canadian, because we went the extra mile in our investigation and browsed their comment history, revealing a Vancouver location.

Even when called out by the community, the brave soul stood tall and simply offered up more proof that this copy is in fact a prematurely sold version of the real deal. Still, as most people are just now getting into the demo sold along with God of War Ascension, this is a thorn in the eye. Let this be a reminder to store clerk and managers everywhere: Don’t break street date. There are large fines possible for selling items prior to their release date. We’ll show the pictures credited to endlesstacos below.

The Last of Us comes out on June 14, 2013.



6 thoughts on “Today on Reddit: The Last Of Us Sell Date Broken In Canada

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