Final Chronicles of Doom Motion Comic For Marvel Heroes Released

The final chapter of the Chronicles of Doom, the motion comic for the launch of Marvel Heroes, has been released. Once more, the PC MMO shows what Dr. Doom is capable of in his quest for ultimate power.

We start off with Icarus and Sersi bickering about their boring guard duties. Luckily, they’ll be able to let go of their monotone mood, as soon an attack on their post takes place that gives Doom the opportunity to steal the mighty cosmic cube. However, he’ll first need to banish the duo to another realm. Back home, his bots prepare the cube for true possession. Then, in true super villain fashion, Victor Von Doom goes over the fine details of the plot for us. Strangely enough, the series concludes on a rather open ending. This probably alludes that people need to play the game to find out what happens. Personally, I don’t think this motion comic lived up to its potential. Let’s hope that the game does.


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