Today on Reddit: Awesome Game Character Sex Scenes

We run a site without a censorship policy, at least what content is concerned. If it’s in any way or form interesting to readers, we’ll publish it. Now, we know we won’t always please everyone and sometimes we’ll even upset some, for whom we can only say that it is never in our intention to do so. We understand not all content is appealing to everyone and we respect everyone’s choices in life, whatever they may be. As you may guess from that introduction, the following post contains things that may be awesome for some, but not for others. We won’t blame you for looking away; in fact, please do if anything makes you uncomfortable. You’ve been warned.

Today on Reddit, user F1ower lobbed a strange picture into r/NSFW_gif, which is a subreddit dedicated for adult content. The picture shown featured Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite in a steamy scene. More so than just the jiggling though, this fan art, commonly known as “rule 34” on the internet, impressed us with how polished it was, certainly given the nature of the oft crude representations.

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth corset copy

This looks more like how an actual game would present a sex scene, if it didn’t need to squirm away to get rated for public use. A link to a Tumblr account showed even more of these expertly produced sex scenes; some more graphic than others. If you’d like to see this practice done right, we’ve collected the best ones, featuring characters like Shepard from Mass Effect or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. We’ll place these pictures credited to that account below. Since we understand that you may have opted to click this link by accident and don’t want to immediately confronted with (virtual) nudity, we’ve placed all moving .gif pictures behind a thumbnail for you. You won’t have to damage your childhood and/or magical adventures if you don’t want to.

Shepard threesome copy Shepard and Femshep copy Shepard and EDI copy Shepard and EDI (2) copy Lara Croft copy Lara Croft and Samantha copy Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth topless copy Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth corset copy



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