Square Enix Serious On E3 2013: Videos For New Deus Ex, Thief, FFXIII: Lightning Returns, Murdered: Soul Suspect + First Screenshots Released

So, in preparation of E3 2013, Square Enix prematurely announced a new Deus Ex game. Before we get all excited: It’s on iPad and iPhone. However, we can get thrilled once more that the game looks surprisingly similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In fact, we’re fairly certain that we could put them side to side and it would be hard to tell the difference. You liked Deus Ex: HR, didn’t you? So, there’s no reason to hate on Apple games, even if you don’t own the device.

The game called Deus Ex: The Fall will take place after the Icarus Effect novel and take place in the same era as the last title. Players can operate a new mercenary by simply tapping the screen, to issue commands in a simple yet effective manner. It’s possible to throw grenades, perform takedown and so forth. Still, the mobile device will support a way to use it as a controller, if we’re to judge by the introductory trailer. We’ll also post a gameplay clip below, so you can see the thing in action more closely. You tell us this doesn’t look spiffy. It’s not going to make us buy an iPad, but it’s going to make us envious of those that do.

Square Enix also released a new trailer for the Thief reboot, even if it’s similar to their previous one. However, we’d say that this one is tough to distinguish whether it’s live action or rendered. You decide.

This wouldn’t be a Square Enix E3 post without Final Fantasy, so here’s a new clip for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. We refuse to spell it in that odd, backwards manner. While still impressive, this clip shows the more traditional Squenix trailer style of weird hairdos, flashy glitter and mismatched lip syncing. We make it sound worse than it is, because it still looks like an awesome Final Fantasy title we’d immediately start playing again. There’s gameplay footage in this clip as well, which only strengthens that feeling.

Last but not least, Murdered: Soul Suspect released some new footage and it’s shaping up to become a mysterious adventure title that looks better and better each time it gives us more info. A new clip shows the main character more extensively and how their soul is locked outside of their massacred body.  Each bullet slug drives through their body and soul alike. With the first released screenshots of the game, we also get to see the character investigating scenes in spirit form and interaction with some occult scenery, complete with mystical etchings and the like. We’ll post all of that below.


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