Games Of E3 You Didn’t Get To See In Action Yet

You folks really love Final Fantasy if we look at our stats over the last few hours. We’re glad that you do, because so do we. To thank you, we have some actual combat gameplay from Final Fantasy XV, which runs in full 1080p HD. This wasn’t shown at Sony’s conference, but it’s what we were waiting for when we saw that vivid footage. It looks like we’re taking the series in a more fluid combat system and we’re ok with that.

If you’ve stopped obsessing over that, we also have some other titles that are at E3 2013, but didn’t get the light of day just yet. With all these new games coming out, some of them fall through the cracks from time. We’re here to pick those up.

Final Fantasy XV high five

We’ll start a bit slow with Young Justice Legacy, which isn’t new, but keeps disappearing periodically. It’s not headed for a summer release, with 12 playable superheroes.

We heard some echoes of Hometown Story already as well, though we never saw anything from it. That’s why this gameplay footage will come in handy. Can you feel the Harvest Moon vibe? We sure can.

Sony also has a line of PS Vita games you didn’t see at their show, like Open Me!. In this game, players use augmented reality to solve 3D puzzles. It looks quite intriguing.

Another new IP that flew under the radar is Counterspy, which is only fitting since it’s a stealth-based game. Also, its smooth colored surfaces make it look extra stylish.

Is that not enough PS Vita for you? In that case, take a look at Toukiden from Tecmo Koei, which brings its patented oriental fighting style to the handheld in another new title.

We have one more new IP for you, which you may have missed. Crudely drawn game Doki Doki Universe lets you wander this strange universe and create your own world. It says it’s a Vita game, but there’s also a PS4 logo there and it will be available for PS3 and mobile platforms as well. Did we mention it’s partially credited to the creators of ToeJam & Earl. That can’t be bad.

This E3 is pure gold. Tell us I you’d like to hear more news from us.


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