Zombie Survival The War Z 75% Off Steam Today Only!

Do we have a deal for you today, folks? Oh, we do. Today and today only, you can partake in the marvel that is zombie survival game The War Z, which is available on Steam at a 75% discount.

This means that you’ll only need to pay €3.74 to take part in this title laden with attention. For instance, it has the honor of being the lowest rated game to exist on Steam, with a Metascore of 20. This puts it ahead of titles like the under-developed Gettysburg: Armored Warfare, Postal III and its penis suit Rogue warrior, the game both Rebellion games and Bethesda will make you try to forget exists.

Other honors for The War Z includes one of the rare titles to be taken off Steam after mass fan backlash, stealing media from The Walking Dead, offering blatant lies on their page about the game’s capabilities and using a in-game transaction for respawing characters.


If you decide to find out what’s so horrible about this game, please let us know. We’re dying to hear from you, get it? Dying? We thought it was pretty clever.

Buy The War Z 75% off here.


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