Cut From The Team: E3 Gameplay Redux

Welcome to post-E3 depression, where we sink in a hole of simulated nothingness, created from the huge peak of information that last week brought. In this seemingly void state, we thought it would be wise to return once more to the convention and its juicy, juicy content.  Therefore, we’ve prepared some gameplay clips released at E3, but not necessarily mass produced during the event itself.

First off, big stink Diablo III launched a trailer to show how smooth it runs on Playstation 3. It looks like the version we’ve wanted since launch. However, it’s unsure whether this is something that will appease the masses.

European shooter Alien Rage, previously Alien Fear, released a few minutes of its all-metal gameplay as well. This game, formerly produced by The Farm 51 and now by City Interactive, looks like it would have been a hit in the ages past, when Unreal rode the frontlines of the genre.

A slightly more realistic shooter experience comes from Arma 3 and its gameplay shots. With “slightly,” we mean that this is pretty much as real as it currently gets and with added vehicles, there will be a few new toys to work with in this game.

Finally, Disney released a roll of promotional footage, interlaced with in-game shots of Disney Infinity. You’ll get to see a few recent franchises in different play sets. Movies include Monsters Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars.


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