Go Home Dinosaurs + Mark of the Ninja 75% Off On Steam today

While we wait for Steam to destroy our finances with their summer sale, they already have some daily deals worth looking into right now. Don’t worry, this isn’t like that awful The War Z deal we posted earlier; these are actually decent games.

Go Home Dinosaurs 75% off Steam

First up, the makers of Slambolt Scrappers, Firehose Games, have discounted their other game called Go Home Dinosaurs, which is now available for just €2.5. This tower defense game lets a pack of gophers defend their barbeque from an oncoming horde of dinosaurs. Towers are placed in tetris schemes across the playing field and currency is noted in coconuts. It’s not exactly a logical game, but it is a good one to pick up and play. You can find Go Home Dinosaurs here.

Mark of the Ninja 75% off Steam

Secondly, the creators of the Shank series, Klei Entertainment, have put up their critically acclaimed stealth action game named Mark of the Ninja for just €3.75. It follows a similar art style and side-scrolling nature as Shank, as well as some cutting action sequences, but with careful approaches as the kicker. It has an impressive 91 Metacritic score, which is an honor few can follow. You can find Mark of the Ninja here.


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