Win Really Big Sky And Get Your Steam Trading Cards On

Some of you may have heard that Steam has launched a trading card initiative, where you can play games to collect cards; then craft them for special goodies. These goodies include custom backgrounds, emoticons and discounts on games. One of the first games to be added is Really Big Sky and it’s a lot of shades of awesome. In particular, these shades are mostly neon. Seriously, I played it a little and it’s a trip. I’ll post a clip below.

It just so happens that I buy too many bundles and so I have a Steam key in excess for Really Big Sky, so I thought I’d try to give it away again. The rules are simple: Post a thoughtful comment below.

Note “thoughtful,” so begging comments or empty ones with just “thanks” will not apply. I’m not asking you send in an artwork made of seven layers of grapefruit juice, though I would be impressed. Just give me something worth an insight on the game, the site, anything game related or not even that if you manage to blow my mind somehow. It’s sad I should repeat it, but give a valid mail address or I have nowhere to send it too. Don’t be that guy.

Winner gets the key tomorrow evening somewhere. If there’s a high demand, I also have an extra Eufloria key, so that’s out there as well.


5 thoughts on “Win Really Big Sky And Get Your Steam Trading Cards On

    • Here are the specs for the game:

      OS:Windows XP
      Processor:2ghz Core 2 Duo
      Memory:512 MB RAM
      Graphics:DirectX 9.0c or above
      Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
      Sound:DirectSound-compatible Sound Card
      Additional:Controller support extends to official Xbox 360 controllers only.

      It’s about medium, but any laptop made in the past 5 years should handle it.

  1. I’ve played this game and enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay.

    You swap between an auto-shooting laser (click and hold to build up laser power)
    and a drill to get thru huge asteroid rocks.

    All the levels are procedurally generated I believe. Not sure about the bosses tho.

    Great game, I’d love a free steam key weeeeeeee ツ

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