Nordic Games Releases Indiana Jones Screenshots For Deadfall Adventures

Nordic Games, the publisher who ran away with the THQ intellectual property (IP) spoon, is also working on some other new IPs of its own. One of these games is Deadfall Adventures, which pits us in an alternate Indiana Jones adventure of sorts, with Quatermain from King Solomon’s Mine in the leading role.

This game is made by the developers of the Painkiller HD remake, which isn’t so great, but looks pretty. Developer The Farm 51 will use that same Unreal Engine 3 for this first person shooter that goes through deserts, jungles and other exotic locations filled with undead to shoot. Here below are some screenshots to get you pumped for the release on Septembet 27, 2013 for PC and Xbox 360. Did you know that the Painkiller series was picked up by Nordic Games from former publisher JoWood Entertainment? Taking up the slack from other companies and producing new things are Nordic’s game.


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