EnjoyUp Games Releases 3 Nintendo eShop Games This Week

Publisher EnjoyUp Games will launch no less than 3 games on this week’s Nintendo eShop. Two of those arrive in Europe, while the other is bound for the American market. For just a few bucks each, you’ll be able to grab 99 Moves, Cute Witch! runner or Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles. The latter one is a 3DS title, while the other two are available as DSiWare.

In the first, you’ll receive 99 moves to go as far as you can go in a stage of moving objects. Trying to avoid death with a limited amount of mobility is the goal. North America will receive Cute Witch! runner, which apparently enjoys interpuncutation. As a game, it mixes short puzzles with another section where you collect stars while flying on a broom.  You’ve probably eard of the puzzle game Dress to Play from our previous post. If not,  you shoot bubbles to match colors and collect items for different outfits and so on.


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