I Still Don’t Know How To Play StarDrive, But I Like It

I love 4X strategy games. For those of you unaware, “4X” stands for: explore, expand, exploit, exterminate. It’s the genre brought to mainstream audiences by Civilization and the likes. You get 1 settlement and build an empire that ultimately rules over all. I usually do instantly well. For instance, I breezed through Warlock: Master of the Arcane’s simplified model and can pretty much whoop anyone in my social circle at other, similar games. However, this is not the case with StarDrive.

StarDrive 4X PC gameplay screenshot 1

This PC game in space is so esoteric in its explanation that I got crushed for countless of tries, with no real clear view of how to better myself. That’s not so much trial and error as it’s going in blind. For reference, compare it to trying to play Magic: The Gathering cards by just reading the flavor text.

Still, since putting the game on Easy, I’ve somehow managed to live long enough to see myself stake claim to a little part of the galaxy. If you somehow get that far, StarDrive is actually quite engaging, as its real time movement keeps you on your toes. There’s still constant carnage occurring that I have no grasp over, but at least it keeps me busy. I’ll leave you with a 2-hour gameplay stream of myself fumbling around, trying to save my empire of star dust.


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