Hey Frownface, Go Play Some Happy Cloudface

Cloudface animation PC platform gameStop what you’re doing and go play a few minutes of Cloudface right now. This side-scrolling platform game is a collaboration between three peculiar individuals with splendid animation.

Their inspiration is said to come from games like Earthworm Jim, which would explain the smooth yet wacky animations they use to make Cloudface, our protagonist, bounce around stages. In the game, the goal is to save documents, because he’s a cloud, you see. Saving documents on the cloud, yes? If that’s not enough to get you going, perhaps meowing kitty bombs will do it for you or Mario hills with cool sunglasses. However, we guarantee that the thing that will most please you, will be the cheery song uttered during this tryout level. It’s now available for free.

Download Cloudface here.


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