Get This Indiefort Multiplayer Bundle

While everyone is waiting for Steam to bring its sales our way, Gamersgate is launching another Indiefort bundle to spice things up. This small package contains just 3 games, but it makes them count. For just €6.99, you can receive the following titles:

  • Sanctum
  • AirBuccaneers
  • Awesomenauts

Tower defense fans will probably know the first person game Sanctum already, which combines shooter elements in a maze warding off enemies. In AirBuccaneers, you take to the skies with an airship and board others to battle. If you enjoy arena multiplayer games, then perhaps Awesomenauts might be a welcome change, as it uses that model with a 2D presentation.

Should 4000 sales be acquired, the bundle will get a free bonus, namely the pixelated Super Sanctum TD game. You can find the Indiefort bundle here.


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