Guncraft Will Get In-Game App

Online multiplayer game Guncraft will receive a Twitch integration at launch, which will allow its players to broadcast their gameplay. This in-game application also doesn’t require outside assistance from auxiliary software, such as Xsplit.

It seems Twitch is moving in on tons of new PC titles. Then again, as most companies now stream their own content through a dedicated Twitch channel, it’s not hard to see why the gap is being closed for audiences. Not unimportantly, Twitch will also be integrated within Xbox One, making console streams a lot easier.

Guncraft PC screenshot

For those wondering, Guncraft is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mix of Minecraft with guns. It’s even possible to craft your own guns. Recently, the shooter was approved on Steam Greenlight and it has already been included in a bundle, prior to launch. If you’re interested in the game, it officially launches this week on July 11. Some videos may sway your decision.


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