Today On Reddit: Don’t Ever Play FIFA

Games can be frustrating. I’ve been experiencing it these last few days firsthand with an abominably cheating artificial opponent in StarDrive and endless loops in Remember Me. However, I’ve never been inclined to destroy my equipment over it; close, but not completely.

EA Sports FIFA breaks controllers

Today on Reddit, user narwalseal97 expressed a similar feeling on r/gaming, where they proposed they have never broken a controller. Some agreed, but the FIFA crowd chimed in with different thoughts. What followed was a stream of frustrated people recounting several lost accessories, with quotes like “I broke 3 controllers in one semester,” “Take my controller destroy my table with it” or “Since FIFA 09 I’ve had 2 controller casualties.”

It looks like some of us need to work on our anger issues. Here’s my method: I shut down the game, curse more than any person should in a complete lifetime in just 5 minutes time and have a coffee, then go look at funny cat pictures. It’s highly therapeutic. Don’t do this with the latest Pro Evolution Soccer too, ok? Just walk away; it’s not worth it.



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