AeternoBlade 3DS Looking For Indiegogo Funds

You may remember AeternoBlade from an earlier post depicting many screenshots. This side-scrolling 3DS game is currently looking for financial support in an IndieGogo campaign and it could use some help. They’ve recently added a 5-minute gameplay trailer that shows its traditional doujin side action.

It looks a bit bland in its deadpan setting, but the campaign page reveals some more exciting incentives. For instance, attacks can be customized with an entire skill tree of enhancements. Additionally, equipping relics will further change how combat performs. Don’t forget that the game also works with a time manipulation factor.

Developer Corecell is from Thailand, so you may want to forgive some shoddy writing parts on the page. A donation of $10 will grant you the game, with higher tiers offering some other digital or physical goods.

AeternoBlade 3DS screenshots art (4)

Their goal so far is set at $30,000, with stretch goals including ports to PS Vita, PS3, PC or even Wii U. I do hope that they adjust that first stretch goal, since I have no idea why it would help anyone contribute, seeing as no one has a connection to these characters yet.

You can pledge to AeternoBlade here.


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