Final Fantasy’s Unintentional Goofiness Made Our Day

There is a remake in the works for Final Fantasy X and its X-2 semi-sequel. We’ve discussed it a few times before. Today, Square Enix released a video to prove that the game looks totally different now. We still stick with the idea that it looks similar to such an extent that it’s not worth an update, though we know not everyone agrees with that. That’s fine; no need to agree.

Instead, let’s just all sit back and enjoy the awkwardness that ensues in said clip when the comparison gives us a slow motion look at the face of Tidus. Well, his face has always been a little special, but that out of sync blinking is just so precious. It was good enough for a laugh or two here, so we hope you can appreciate this .gif file rendition of it. We try to care.

Final Fantasy X Remaster Tidus Derp Face gif


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