Steam Summer Sale Doesn’t Make Trading Card Badge Crafting Easier

Any PC gamer is painfully aware of the ongoing Steam Summer Sale. It’s a wallet crippling event we all enjoy for some reason. This year, the sale is not accompanied by badges to complete from actions around the storefront’s social elements. Instead, the introduction of Steam Trading Cards has skewed this scavenger hunt to the collection of cards, through that system. It’s a decent system, but it has an inherent flaw: It’s completely run by financial gain. I’ve linked trading cards to insidious free-to-play models in another article.

Steam Summer Sale

Why the mention? Well, being the deal loving person I am, I still am trying to look how to run the trading system outside of its monetary pull, to see if I can recommend people some suggestions. While Steam is adamant that you can gleefully go around crafting, it’s a bit trickier than just that. It has taken me a full 6 days to come up with 1 badge, free of charge, without loss. Through sheer devotion and constant playing, I was able to farm enough cards and work around the hindered marketplace to get me a badge for Really Big Sky. That’s a collection of just 5 cards. A tally for the Summer Sale badge currently stands on 7 out of 10 cards and that is with six purchases made so far. Here are the fruits of my labor in .gif format. It’s really, really not worth it. Damn you, Valve.

Really Big Sky Steam Trading  Card Badge gif


One thought on “Steam Summer Sale Doesn’t Make Trading Card Badge Crafting Easier

  1. It is really terrible. Specially since you have to collect the card sets up to FIVE times to get the highest ranking badge. I am just selling all the cards and keeping the money.

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