Social Media and Death Mix In Redshirt Screenshots

Here’s one way to bridge nerd culture with popular youth culture: Use a well-known series and loosely base a social media simulation game around it. That’s what the PC game Redshirt is trying to do. Its name is of course taken from the Star Trek folks who tragically succumb to any peril as disposable fodder.

In this game, you’ll try to maximize the end of days by trying to rub elbows with others while managing the hard task of grunt work. It’s an idea created by one-man indie studio Tiniest Shark with Mitu Khandaker at its head. Another one-man operation, Positech Games, will do the distribution for the game releasing this year. It’s fitting, as Redshirt bears some resemblance to Positech’s simulation game Kudos, which had its elements used in the Sims Social game from EA. Some screenshots were released that show off Redshirt’s comical art style. Get ready to fly and die this year.


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