Wii U Gets EarthBound + Pokémon – Screenshots, Concept Art And More

A new Nintendo Direct event announced that Earthbound, which some know by the title Mother, would arrive on the Nintendo eShop immediately. Owners of a Nintendo Wii U can now access the classic roleplaying adventure on their Virtual Console.

This announcement came with a ton of assets, like screenshots, but also concept art and a ton of pixel art in elusive .psd format. We all know how much you love photo editing, for making game signatures and the like, so we converted those to transparent .png files. We’ll post them below, along with the rest of the assets.

Other big news is the impending release of Pikmin 3 on July 26 and The Wonderful 101 on August. People who purchase the prior will also receive a 30% discount for the latter, which lasts until September 21, 2013. That’s fitting, as we’d definitely advise looking into both those games. Also, Pokemon Rumble U marks the first Wii U title for the franchise and arrives in August 15, 2013. We received some neat pictures of that as well, so we might as well share them.

Edit: This gallery may show as distorted. You’ll need to click through to the “full size” view opening in a new window to see or use the proper, transparent image. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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