Strider Is Back And Has 7 Minutes Of Flashy Ninja Skills

Does the name Strider Hiryu sound familiar? Perhaps it should, because it has the name of the game right in there. That’s right; Capcom is bringing back Strider. Reboots being what they are, that’s also the official name of the game headed for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC as well as next-gen platforms Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Capcom Strider side scrolling action game remake ps4 xbox one 360 pc poster concept art

For those unfamiliar with the classic version, you play a smooth as ice ninja that blurs through a side-scrolling screen filled with mad futuristic action. That’s not an embellishment; it seriously gets pretty wild with all the flashiness of robots, bullets, incoming attacks, slicing and so on. Additionally, it’s possible to hang off ledges with pretty much the same mobility. In the new version, we’ll be welcomed with the same amount of velocity; perhaps even more than that. The announcement comes with a clip and 7 minutes of sweet gameplay you should check out.

Strider will release in early 2014.


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