Nordic Announces Deadfall Adventures Multiplayer Beta And New Spellforce

Publisher Nordic Games is moving along with their properties. After acquiring THQ assets, the company is still active with its other games.

Deadfall Adventures PC Xbox 360 screenshots art (7)

First off, those interested in an Indiana Jones atmosphere can sign up right now for the Closed Beta of Deadfall Adventures. In particular, it’s a test for the multiplayer stage of the game. This first person shooter is currently in development at Polish developer The Farm 51, previously responsible for the Painkiller remake. They’ll keep using the Unreal Engine 3 for this one. You can apply for the Deadfall Adventures Beta here.

Spellforce 2 Demons of the Past Pc Game

In related news, a forum thread on one of Nordic Games’ properties has noted the announcement of a new Spellforce title. The game called Spellforce 2 – Demons of the Past will be an add-on to the base game and said to “connect all stories of the previous parts and bring them to an exciting finale.” In all likelihood, this means the last addition to the game.


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